• Michele Hugo

How will my services change lives?

I’m in the business of helping Real Estate Agents with their admin. I do it because I have a passion for admin, and I love helping people.

My services will give you more free time to:

Concentrate on the important tasks in your business.

As a Real Estate Agent, you should follow up on your leads, ensure your buyers are still in the market, contact expired listings, do price counseling where needed, etc. You should spend your day on buyers and sellers, not admin.

Spend time on the family

Being a Real Estate Agent gives you a flexible schedule to attend your child’s sports event or fetching them from school. If you need to see clients tonight, why not stick your spouse for lunch or go home early and cook supper?

Do what you want to do

Self-care is important, you take clients out on Saturdays, spend Sundays at showhouses. Why not spend Fridays or Mondays or any day when needed and relax? Go for that massage, spend the day on the golf course.

I do the jobs you hate doing.

No more stress and time spend on systems that take you hours to figure out.

I help you look professional and organized.

Getting help isn’t an expense, it’s an investment in yourself.


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