• Michele Hugo

What sets me apart as an industry leader?

I’m a Virtual Assistant helping Real Estate Agents remotely with their admin. I’m not perfect, but I strive for perfection daily.

I love what I’m doing

It might sound strange, but I wake up every morning wanting to do admin. I love what I’m doing, so everything I do for clients I enjoy doing it and I’m proud of the work I deliver.

I’m an expert

Some might say this is boastful, but I see myself as an expert. I did numerous courses in the services I deliver; I do regular research and I have years of experience in the field. So yes, I know what I’m doing.

If I don’t know how to, I’ll find out how to

I don’t claim to know everything, but in today’s times with modern technology, you can learn something with the click of a button. Google is my best friend and if Google can’t tell me what I need to know, it will tell me where I can find out or learn what I want to know. Social media is my next best friend if my friends or people in my network can’t help me, they know someone who can.

I believe nothing is impossible for me

Another boastful statement? As a Christian, this is what the Word says, with God by my side, nothing is impossible for me. I believe in the power of God, the law of attraction and a positive mindset.

I’m professional

I offer respect and value to everyone and I believe I’m reliable. I focus on meeting expectations and being honest. As mentioned earlier, I’ve done various courses and have certificates and I try to keep this knowledge up-to-date.

I get things done

Getting things done is about time management and I find it works writing them down and adding them to the calendar with a deadline. I have to-do lists for everything and feel unorganised if they aren’t done. It’s the best feeling ever to tick something off the list, another thing accomplished.

Customer satisfaction is very important to me

I thrive on feeling appreciated and valued. A satisfied customer makes my day and to achieve this I make sure to listen and understand their needs and then deliver to their expectations.

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