• Michele Hugo

What would I say if there are no consequences?

When someone asked me to think about this the other day my thoughts were: this is dangerous!

The more I thought about it, the more surprised I was.

Mindset and attitude

Change your mindset or attitude. Most of the time a new mindset or change of attitude can give you a different understanding of the situation. Don’t always assume the problem is with someone else, maybe you need to look at it from their perspective.


There is no such thing as impossible or I can’t. You can do anything you set your mind to, it might take some time thinking of ways how to do something or achieve something and maybe you need to do some research or ask the right questions to the right people, but if you’re persistent you will find ways to achieve your goals. No, I can’t or no, it’s not my problem is the easy way out.


Most people want the best quality and pay the lowest prices, but is it really worth it? So many people accept the lowest quotes and end up paying more than expected. To produce something of quality takes time and as the saying goes “time is money”. Do proper research and ensure the quality and price are according to your standards.


We all have different standards and my perfect might not be your perfect and vice versa. Sometimes we over complicate things and waste so much time on something very simple. Give proper instructions and make sure the other person understands what you mean and how you want it done.


We are all unique, don’t compare me to someone else. Try to do something the way the other person would do it, and if you still prefer your way tell them to now give you a chance. We can all learn from each other. Give me a chance and I might surprise you.


Mistakes are unavoidable, we all make them and many times they occur because of a misunderstanding. The important thing is to admit the mistake, to yourself and the other party. Correct them if possible or get the help needed to fix them.


Decide what you want, I can’t do my job properly if you keep changing your mind. When you want something done, make notes of everything coming to mind and then decide on the final outcome and stick to it. Clear instructions make the job so much easier.

If there were no consequences what would you say, to family, friends, clients, and employees?

Stop thinking about consequences and think of a better way to convey your point of view.


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