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Who is Michele Hugo

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Who is Michele Hugo?

The quick and easy answer is: "I'm a new Virtual Assistant and Business Owner of MH Excellence and help small business owners with their admin" Then I’m looked at with these big eyes, is that it? And I wonder what they want to know more... where I was born, where I grew up, married, children and, and…and. Yip, my head goes in 100 directions and I think about everything, doubt everything; what I think, do or say, until recently anyway.

I realised I became so dependent on what and who other people say I am, that I couldn't even answer this question myself and made a decision, it stops here. It's time for me to take back control of my own life.

For me 2018 was a year of personal growth and to think it all started with a Vision Board Workshop. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind. Everything started coming together, things started happening and kept happening, one thing led to the other, all because I decided to take control.


Michele Hugo is 37 years old and born in the old Johannesburg (South Africa) and grew up in Cape Town (South Africa). I'm blessed with a younger brother, mom and dad who are still married today, yes, I'm very proud to say that. I'm not married, never been married and have no children. I'm engaged and with the love of my life for 9 years now. The next question is always: When are you getting married? The short version: God's timing, not mine. I’m a Christian who knows I have a living Spirit inside of me and nothing is impossible for me.

Nature is good for the soul.

In my spare time I love reading, running, spending time at the beach and camping. I enjoy reading motivational and inspirational books. Yes, I'm an exercise junky and there’s no better feeling than that after a good workout. I love camping; it’s so good for the soul, spending time in nature, especially without any reception, even though I'm terrified of spiders, snakes and anything bumping into you in the water. Life should be challenging, right?

I have about 15 years of experience in admin and 5 years in sales. But sales were never my passion. Yes, one can learn to be anything, but you only truly enjoy it when you have a passion.

My passion is admin. I wake up in the morning wanting to do administration. I enjoy creating something that other people find useful and interesting and really enjoy working in Microsoft Word and Excel. I enjoy helping others. A year ago, I didn’t think of myself as someone with much creativity, until I discovered Canva and Wix. Now I can spend hours if not days designing social media posts, posters, events and websites. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.

I have discovered something else this year...I love learning new skills. You might think I’m crazy, but I realised what I can do with this knowledge and I just can’t get enough.

So, my journey as a Virtual Assistant just began and my 2019 to-do list is endless. I’m so excited, bring it on!

And guess what ... this was my first blog post. It always looks impossible, until it’s done.

Now to think about the next blog, what would your blog be about? Let me know what you like to read.

Excellence is a decision.

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