• Michele Hugo

Why I started my own business

Life happens and before you know it, you think by yourself, how did I end up here?

I’ve worked in admin positions my whole life and gained some years’ experience in sales, but admin is where my passion lies. I love being organised, in control and creating systems.

6 Years ago, I started as an office assistant for a small and very successful real estate company and eventually became the office manager. I loved my job, but thought: where to from here? I had no desire to become a real estate agent.

I have so much respect for real estate agents, most people think it’s easy money. What they don’t think of is the hours they work, yes, it’s flexible, but who enjoys working mostly after hours when the family is home or on weekends? They also have to attend regular training sessions to earn a certain amount of CPD points to keep their practicing certificates, they have to constantly do research to keep up with the industry, daily admin and always looking for potential clients so they can earn a living. They don’t receive a monthly salary; they only receive income when they closed a deal and many times they work on a deal for months and then suddenly the deal fails. Furthermore, real estate agents must share a percentage of the commission with the company they work for. Being a real estate agent is not my passion.

I love admin, I love helping people and I had a desire to work flexible hours and be my own boss. So, I decided to use my expertise and skills in the industry and help real estate agents with their admin. Admin for real estate agents can be a full-time job and this prevents them from concentrating on their income generating tasks. Many real estate agents are not computer literate and a simple task can take them hours. I enjoy doing regular courses to update my skills and stay in touch with new features. If I don’t know how to do something, I want to learn how to do it.

These days are about “easy” living, most people want it with the press of a button. I provide this service to real estate agents. The industry not only uses standard computer programs, but also has various industry systems and I have the necessary experience in these programs.

I enjoy the jobs you hate.

I want to wake up in the morning and follow my passion and this is why I created my business.

As the saying goes “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.


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